10 Questions to Ask Your Vet About Cat Medications

The US Food and Drug Administration recommends asking your veterinarian these 10 questions about medication prescriptions for your pet.

  1. Why has my cat been prescribed this medication and how long do I need to give it?
  2. How do I give the medication to my cat? Should it be given with food?
  3. How often should the medication be given and how much should I give each time? If it is a liquid, should I shake it first?
  4. How do I store the medication? Do I need to refrigerate it?
  5. What should I do if my cat vomits or spits out the medication?
  6. If I forget to give the medication, should I give it as soon as I remember or wait until the next scheduled dose? What if I accidentally give too much?
  7. Should I finish giving all of the medication, even if my cat seems to be back to normal?
  8. Could this medication interact with other medications my pet is taking?
  9. What reactions should I watch for, and what should I do if I see any side effects?

  10. When should I bring my pet back for a recheck? Will you be calling me to check on my pet’s progress, or should I call you?

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