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10 Things to Know About Owning a Cat

This video takes a look at 10 things to know about owning a cat with a focus on kittens. The video is enhanced with great clips of their 2 cats. The video includes good examples of ways to make your … Continue reading

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How to Train Your Cat to Walk with a Leash

To train your cat to walk on a leash first get them used to the harness. Give them positive feelings about wearing the harness (while they wear it: give them treats, play with them, pet them). Get them use to … Continue reading

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Gentle and Effective Way to Tame a Scared Feral Kitten

This is a great video on taming a feral kitten to be comfortable with people. This is part 1 of 4 parts. Related: Teaching a Kitten How to Play Nice with People – Train Your Cat to Use Your Toilet … Continue reading

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The History of Domestic Cats

An informative video from the good series, SciShow: It discusses several points I have read previously, such as: Origins of the Domestic Cat the progenitors of today’s cats split from their wild counterparts more than 100,000 years ago – much … Continue reading

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Cat Alerts Family if Diabetic Daughter is in Danger

RSPCA Rescue Cat Makes Sure Diabetic Owner Is Feline Fine Pippa’s incredible gift came to light when she crept into Mia’s room and woke her up in the middle of the night prompting the schoolgirl to test her blood sugar … Continue reading

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Puzzle Feeders for Cats

Cats evolved to hunt for food. And given how many birds, chipmunks, bunnies, mice etc. outdoor cats catch (and sometimes bring back home) they haven’t lost those instincts. They also sometimes stalk us, thankfully that usually doesn’t result in any … Continue reading

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Music Specifically Composed for Cats

Cats like music. But, like people, they want music composed for them, not some other species. You may purchase music for your cats (from the company that made the samples included here). Our music is based on feline vocal communication … Continue reading

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Domestic Cats Should Have More Food in Winter

The study is interesting but hardly conclusive (15% for example is not at all a proven figure). It was a limited number of cats and limited in other ways but does provide some indication that increase eating during winter, if … Continue reading

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Why Do Cats Knead Us?

This webcast provides an explanation of why cats knead us. Related: Teaching a Kitten How to Play Nice with People – Learn more about feeding your cat – Getting Your Kitten Started Toward Good Behavior

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Overweight Cats

Obesity in pets is a common problem. With ready food, if they don’t have an easy way (and sometimes even if they do) to burn off the calories they will gain weight. Cats will have many of the same problems … Continue reading

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